Airlink says it is working with SAA on revalidation and re-accommodation of tickets issued by SAA for travel on future Airlink flights.

The airlines are working on a solution that will permit the re-accommodation or revalidation of SAA-issued ‘083’ tickets on Airlink flights into Airlink’s ‘4Z’ reservation system or, alternatively, for Airlink to issue vouchers for travel on Airlink on future dates, according to a press release.

The airlines’ interline agreement enabled Airlink to accept tickets issued by SAA bearing the ‘083’ prefix for travel on flights operated by Airlink. Airlink intends to resume operations using its own ‘4Z’ ticket code and is not accepting SAA-issued vouchers or tickets bearing the ‘083’ prefix.

However, SAA is currently providing ticket-holders with credit for travel on SAA flights on future dates, instead of refunds.

Airlink says its franchise relationship with SAA, which is now discontinued, states that ticket sale revenue resides with SAA for all 083 tickets until such time as Airlink has delivered the flight service, and Airlink cannot refund tickets as the ticket sale revenue is in SAA’s possession.