Halfway House, in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland province, is undergoing a full refurbishment that will see the lodge close until the second quarter of this year.

The renovations, which commenced in early March, are being done in phases, with the first phase set to be completed on April 14. This will include the refurbishment of the restaurant, fruit and vegetable shop, bakery and kitchen.

Halfway House General Manager, Denys Chapman, says general renovations include re-doing the thatched roofs, kitchen overhaul, repainting of walls, installation of new furniture, upgrading of floors, and new state-of-the-art facilities being installed in bathrooms.

“Phase two will include upgrading the lodge’s curio shop and wine bar, where evening meals are served. The wine bar will also have a separate kitchen.”

Chapman says the venue is ideal for clients travelling to Nyanga, Mutare, Vumba and Mozambique who might require overnight accommodation, and those interested in agriculture tourism, since Halfway House is surrounded by commercial farms.