The LUX* Collective is launching a new hotel in Mauritius on November 1. Known as SALT, the five-star boutique hotel will be aimed at the ‘culturally curious’ – affording guests the opportunity to participate in community life at a deeper level by sharing their knowledge and talent and teaching a skill to a local.

CEO of the LUX* Collective, Paul Jones, says: “SALT was born from a demand for a humanistic approach to hospitality – hotels that cater to an ever-growing audience of modern explorers and mindful travellers who travel to satisfy their curiosity.”

The brand is environmentally friendly and, where possible, products and services are sourced from locals, from local musicians playing on site, to food, furniture, fabrics and toiletries, with the hotel’s pantries being stocked exclusively with home-made products.

Each SALT hotel will have its own farm, and menus will be designed around ingredients that are in season. The hotels adhere to Slow Food Travel, promoting ecotourism and providing guests with a culinary journey, full of stories, traditions, flavours, and craftsmanship. They will also prioritise fair trade, and aim to limit energy, waste and emissions, and embrace compost or recycling.

The brand will also embrace a wellness philosophy, bringing guests together for swim and run clubs, yoga on the SALT Farm, trekking and other slow sport initiatives plus location-inspired activities.

“In creating SALT, I believe we can help facilitate the connections and create meaningful experiences for our guests and the communities in which we operate. The possibilities for contribution and collaboration are endless, and I think this is just the beginning of something very special indeed,” concludes Jones.

This first property, in Mauritius, lays the foundation for future development across the Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.