Natural Selection’s Lekkerwater Beach Lodge recently reopened after closing in October when heavy rainfall caused flood damage to the lodge.

Tourism Update recently visited the reopened lodge in De Hoop Nature Reserve, close to Cape Agulhas, the southern tip of Africa, and about a three-hour drive from Cape Town International Airport. 

“Being fortunate to travel fairly often, I was unexpectedly excited by Lekkerwater,” says Tourism Update’s Anton Marsh.

“The lodge has historic significance as former President FW De Klerk’s escape while negotiating a democratically free South Africa. It has the most incredible location above the beach, straddling both a marine reserve and fynbos nature reserve."

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge has a special setting.

"With guided tours of the fynbos and rockpools, this was something different from the traditional safari experience. My feeling as someone involved in tourism was that De Hoop Nature Reserve deserves more tourists, and also that, based on its location, it is an excellent add-on along the Garden Route.”

The eco-friendly lodge has six standard units and one family unit. Due to the nature of the lodge logistics, travellers book a two- or three-day slot at the lodge.


Enjoying a gin selection for sundowners
Enjoying a gin selection for sundowners.

Guests have a social dining experience and are served locally inspired and sourced cuisine. Attractions include bird viewing, exploring rock pools, learning about fynbos, beaching, whale and dolphin viewing, as well as some fun lodge experience concepts.

Time magazine named Lekkerwater Beach Lodge as one of its World’s Greatest Places in 2019.