The Uganda Tourism Board has launched the ‘Experience Uganda – First!’ campaign, which packages the country to residents of the Gulf States.

The campaign, which offers selected Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) travel agencies travel holiday packages based on a number of themes, along with complimentary airport transfers for their clients, was launched last week at an event held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Dubai.

Destination Uganda – known as the Pearl of Africa – is being promoted as a premier adventure and nature holiday destination for families, groups, couples and young adults. The special promotional holiday packages include guided safaris, River Nile boating excursions, unique mountain gorilla treks, wild chimpanzee encounters and pampering at luxury lodges and resorts.  

Four- and five-star accommodation packages are also included, providing personalised service and pampering. They have been tailored to specifically cater for the needs of visitors from the GCC region, as well as for those travelling as couples, families, or with friends.

The event was attended by Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities; Zaake Wanume Kibedi, the Ugandan Ambassador to the UAE and International Renewable Energy Agency; and members of the Ugandan Government and Parliament.

 “We are excited to showcase the very best that Uganda has to offer as a holiday destination for meaningful and sustainable travel,” said Kamuntu. “It is hoped that, through these marketing efforts, more nationals and residents of the Gulf countries will visit Uganda, see first-hand the exceptional natural and human resources and talent that make Uganda so special, especially as a holiday destination.”

Kibedi noted that the Gulf countries were a region of focus and commitment for Uganda in the future.

The Uganda Tourism Board has established a representative office with Aviareps based in Dubai to cover the whole GCC region. Various destination marketing activities, including this campaign launch, are being conducted in the region to make Uganda more accessible for travellers and travel agents alike, to ensure that Uganda becomes a ‘bucket list’ holiday destination that doesn’t disappoint.  

As part of its ongoing marketing activities in the region, the Board will also launch an online training programme for Middle East travel agents for them to become experts in promoting Uganda to their clients, as well as a social media campaign under the hashtag #ExperienceUganda1st, whereby travellers are encouraged to visit the Pearl of Africa before their well-travelled social circle of friends and acquaintances.

The campaign launch was attended by more than 50 of the UAE’s leading travel agencies, Uganda Tourism Board officials, and a number of Uganda tour operator representatives.