SATSA has shared messages from the British Consul General and the German Embassy in an attempt to reach any German and British nationals stranded in South Africa.

This follows the countrywide lockdown that commenced on March 27 and includes the prohibition of international and domestic flights.

The British High Commissioner to South Africa, Nigel Casey, said in his statement that the British Consul was speaking to South African authorities and airlines about what this means for British nationals currently in the country.

“If you are one of those affected, we would like to know who you are and where you are, so we can help you in whatever way we can,” said Casey. “We are facing unprecedented global demand for our services over the phone, so please keep trying. We’ll help you as soon as we can.”

German Ambassador, Martin Schäfer, said the embassy was working with South African authorities and SAA to start return flights for German travellers. 

“Hopefully, toward the end of the week we can start our first flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Germany,” said Schäfer. “We can only schedule return flights for people who have confirmed or updated their dates after March 28.”

Schäfer asked German nationals in SA not to call the embassy with questions about individual flights, as the embassy would initiate the contact. “We expect the return programme to take several weeks.”

For the statement by the British High Commissioner, please click here. For the full statement by the German Ambassador, please click here.