CLARIFICATION: SATSA would like to clarify that the Speed Marketing event being held between 18-21 March is a South African Tourism initiative. SATSA has been in partnership with South African Tourism on these events for many years, inviting our trade members (buyers) to experience and network with existing or new tourism products across the country and often in less visited but high potential areas. We fully support these speed marketing initiatives aimed at growing our tourism industry and assisting with geographical spread.

The below story has been updated to reflect the above clarification:

SATSA has invited its members to a Tshwane – Vaal Triangle Speed Marketing Session in March. The three-day event – held from March 18-21 – is held in partnership with South African Tourism and presents an opportunity to expose buyers within the tourism industry to potential links with suppliers.

There is a daily speed marketing session as well as site inspections in Cullinan, Pretoria and the Vaal Triangle. There will also be activities such as quadbiking, bicycle tours, cruises, ziplining, and river rafting.

Anyone who is interested can submit details to SATSA but should note that final selection of attendees will only be made based on past attendance, relevance and available space.