The Seychelles’ capital, Victoria, has opened a new waterfront garden that provides a place for live entertainment.

Named ‘La Passerelle,’ the garden is an initiative of Mayor David André to liven up the capital of the 115-island archipelago. It officially opened on October 12.

The new waterfront garden offers gazebos, benches and picnic tables, a cafeteria, music and artisanal kiosks. “This small but beautiful waterfront project fulfils a lot of the sustainable development objectives and will make a substantive contribution to improving the environment of Victoria, often described as a charming creole capital," André said at the opening ceremony. “Musicians, visual artists, poets and dancers can have an open-air space to showcase their talents and provide us with healthy entertainment.”

He said such places were also catalysts for economic activities and also a source of employment.

Already four of the five kiosks are occupied by artisans who are selling various craftworks, with a strong focus on local products.

The Waterfront Café will focus on serving local dishes.