Sho’t Left Travel Week 2019, which runs from September 23-29, gives the South African tourism trade an opportunity to get a piece of the R15m (€934 750) pie to market and sell their product or service.

Benefits of attending Sho’t Left Travel Week include:

  1. Investment by South African Tourism to the value of R15m, spread across TV, outdoor, radio, digital and social media.
  2. Collateral support for you to promote additional deals on your own platform, that you can download.
  3. Seasonality of offers means that you will be able to offer discounts to consumers during your quieter periods, at your discretion.
  4. Improved provincial spread, where provinces that usually get fewer visitors will have the opportunity to showcase their offerings and affordability to a much wider audience.
  5. Travel Week is one of the most significant tourism marketing opportunities in the country.
  6. A better understanding of market opportunity: South African Tourism has access to the right marketing and consumer insight to grow your ROI.
  7. Travel Week is the best local travel deal campaign South Africa has on offer.
  8. It gives you an opportunity to sell directly to the consumer on a highly promoted platform

Register your business now to participate in this year’s Sho’t Left Travel Week on