Destination management company, Touch Down DMC, is working with host agency representatives from the US to shoot a new video on a tailored tour for the growing millennial market.

“This demographic travels far more than previous generations and they value experiences. South Africa is a world in a country, from safari to the world-class cities to tropical climate and 300-year-old vineyards with the most beautiful vistas,” said Angela Iacovazzo, Head of Global Sales and Product Development at Touchdown DMC.

She added that marketing tours to millennials needed to include the use of social media. “Video used needs to be personal as opposed to generic and our tours include elements that appeal to millennials, including world-class dining and a plethora of cultures and authentic experiences,” said Iacovazzo.

She said the company had introduced modules and short stays to tap into the leisure aspect for agents abroad and also allow millennials to use these short stays to customise their experiences.

“Millennials are, of course, of very different ages and often they travel with children, so we also offer family-friendly options and suppliers for tailored tours,” said Iacovazzo.