Two new committees have been established in support of Thompsons Africa and its stance on conservation and social responsibility matters. 

The Green/Conservation Committee focuses on educating Thompsons Africa employees, customers, suppliers and friends on the importance of conserving the environment and wildlife for future generations. 

This committee works to identify sustainable initiatives within Thompsons Africa’s office environment to minimise its impact on the environment. Additionally, they identify key conservation organisations that Thompsons Africa supports, assists and promotes.

“At Thompsons Africa we are mindful of the plight of wildlife across the globe and in Africa in particular. We are especially conscious of the importance of conserving our wildlife heritage. After all, we are blessed to be the caretakers of an abundance of wildlife that brings so many travellers to our shores,” says the company.

Thompsons Africa does not support any wildlife interaction that it deems to be unethical in either its purpose or in any way results in cruelty as a side effect. “As a priority we ensure that we are 100% involved with our partnered wildlife organisations and, as a member of The TreadRight Foundation, we practise the promise to make the welfare of our wildlife our number-one concern.”

The Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for supporting and garnering both monetary and non-monetary contributions for Thompsons Africa-identified charities and not-for-profit organisations. Thompsons Africa is committed to its involvement and care of the greater community and through the initiatives of the Social Responsibility Committee, aims to truly ‘make a difference’.