Airport security usually frown on travellers trying to sneak unsolicited goods on to the aircraft, unless you surprise them with an adorable stowaway.

Nick and Voirrey Coole were travelling to New York from the Isle of Man when security staff discovered that the couple’s cat, Candy, was hitching a ride in their hand luggage.

As one of their bags was scanned at the Terminal gate, Voirrey described how airport staff “were looking at us so bizarrely”.

Candy had apparently sneaked into one of their bags, with them none the wiser.

“The second they realised it was a genuine mistake, and we had actually brought our cat through airport security, they just laughed,” said Nick.

The airport security team helped the couple to get Candy to some friends who then safely escorted her back home. The couple were able to continue their journey to the Big Apple to celebrate Nick’s 40th birthday.