Thirty-eight tourism entrepreneurs have graduated from the Airbnb Africa Academy in Cape Town. The academy aims to empower African entrepreneurs and encourage tourism growth in under-resourced communities across the continent.

Expanding the role of local, healthy and inclusive opportunities in African tourism, it provides tools and resources to support women and youths to understand tourism opportunities in their community and successfully equip them to share their homes or host a unique African experience.

“Initiatives like the Airbnb African Academy endorse excellence and create exceptional learning experiences,” said Councillor Anda Ntsodo, Chairperson of the City of Cape Town’s Economic Opportunities and Asset Management Portfolio Committee.

“This programme in many instances speaks to the city’s vision of creating an inclusive tourism landscape. With these features, we are able to convert an attractive destination into an inspiring destination,” said Ntsodo.

With the hospitality industry providing invaluable contributions to Cape Town’s economy through the employment of thousands of individuals, the academy and the city aim to sustainably facilitate job creation by establishing tourism entrepreneurs who will contribute to the transformation of the city’s landscape.