SA Tourism is supporting Satsa through a joint marketing agreement to support the trade by making it more affordable to attend the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai from April 24-27.

Trade exhibitors will be able to save between 27% and 31% to attend the show as exhibitors rather than attending on their own. Margie Whitehouse, SA Tourism CMO, previously told Tourism Update that budget would be invested into the Middle East market.

Rob Hetem, from T-Cubed Consulting, who has been involved in the Arabian Travel Market since 2002, said there was still a need for exhibitors, particularly in the mid-range product. He added that although the Middle East was a low-volume, high-spend market, there was a need for product outside of the high-end category. “People have this misconception that the Middle East is only concerned with five-star, deluxe and premium brands. It’s not. There is a massive market in the mid-range product range,” said Hetem. He added that it was like any other market, the only difference being that they had more disposable income.

South African exhibitors recorded over 5 700 contacts at the South Africa Pavilion during Arabian Travel Market 2016. The 2016 trade show comprised over 28 000 visitors and a 9% increase in buyer attendance.

Some of the benefits of exhibiting under the umbrella of destination South Africa include, furniture, staffed pavilion reception counter, promotional and sponsorship opportunities, and SA destination branding.

Trade who are interested in exhibiting can contact Hetem at