Legendary Expeditions, within the Classic Portfolio, is undergoing a number of renovations as well as a new build in Tanzania.

Legendary Lodge

Legendary Lodge is receiving a full renovation and refurbishment, due to be completed later this month. The dining veranda will have a larger inside area for cooler evenings and the front office and spa are being removed and replaced with large doors to create an indoor-outdoor flow on to the veranda. The original dining room has been transformed into a bar leading off the lounge and the spa has moved out of the main house into a dedicated space in the garden.

The new three-bedroom Legendary Cottage will begin operating from August. It has large indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces, a swimming pool, one main en-suite bedroom, and two smaller en-suite rooms. The cottage is fully service by a chef and host.

Legendary Serengeti Camps

The two existing mobile camps are due to be completely replaced by December.

The tents will have completely redesigned interiors and both camps will move between four locations in the Serengeti eco-system. These will be managed by Fabia Bausch of Chem Chem Safaris. Every booking is allocated a guide and a 4x4 vehicle.

The two Legendary Serengeti Camps each have eight en-suite tents and a family tent that has two en-suite rooms and a shared lounge. In both camps, two tents and the family tent are separate from the other accommodation and can be used as a ‘private camp’.

Each half of the camp has its own dining facility and lounge and while the camps operate independently, they share a back of house.

  • Camp 1, the South camp, moves between the southern migration, Maswa, and the northern migration, Lamai. Access is via Mwiba/Makao airstrips in the south, and Lamai airstrip in the north.
  • Camp 2, the West camp, moves between the western corridor, Nyasirori, to the northern migration, Wogakuria. Access is via Kirawira airstrip in the west, and Kogatende airstrip in the north.

Mobilisation of the camps has been planned around one camp always being available; however, both camps are closed between April 1 and May 15, and from November 16 to 30.