Safari Field Gudie Instructors

Posted 13 Feb 2020

Ever wanted to be a Field Guide Instructor. Do you love telling stories, and love educating people. You have an eccentric, animated and extroverted personality and a total peoples person with FGASA L 2/3 backed up by additional qualifications and at least 3 to 5 years experience in the field, We are looking for you! Due to increased training demand in the Safari industry we have capacity for at least 2 Head Instructors as well as assistant instructors who are keen to build their careers to being full-time senior instructors. We have a long term strategy to develop young instructors into Head Instructors and pollinate the industry with very well trained guides, but we would encourage guides to give back to conservation by giving experienced guide the opportunity to become highly skilled instructors. 1. Head Instructors should have a minimum of: o NQF 4, VPDA, FGASA Level 3, Professional Trails Guide and Current Advanced Rifle Handling (or very close to attain these) o 5 years related industry experience o Current NDT Registration o Current PDP o Current FGASA Membership 2. Assistant Instructors should have a minimum of: o NQF 2, FGASA Level 2, FGASA Trails Guide and Current Advanced Rifle Handling Get in touch with me. hashtag#safari hashtag#trails hashtag#guides hashtag#training

20k per month and above

Mpumalanga, South Africa

Required Qualifications

FGASA levels 2/3.

Additional Info

Below the short job description for these posts are: General An Instructor at any of our Camps will be responsible for the general management and running of the camps. This includes the planning and management of maintenance on infrastructure, vehicles and equipment. Instructors are also responsible for all firearms and ammunition and they are to make sure all firearms are safe, well maintained and in a good working order. Instructors are also to liaise with Reserve Management on concession matters. The most important part of an Instructor position is to provide an inspirational and immersive learning experience to all course participants, in order for them to reconnect to nature. Instructors need to plan and facilitate the daily activities. They also need to make sure the correct academic requirements are met with regards to lectures, lecture content, tests, assessments and the required administration processes are correctly followed and completed.

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