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Posted 21 Nov 2018

Seeking a highly experienced couple to serve as co-managers of a very special hotel property located in North West Madagascar. This is the right job for a highly motivated pair, interested in making their mark in collaborating to bring the property to the next level. The ideal candidates will each have a minimum of 10 years' experience in hospitality, including the management, operations, staff training, housekeeping, food & beverage (both kitchen and service) and marketing of a high-end beachfront property. They will have either lived in a remote location or embrace this type of lifestyle. Paramount is the willingness to work with a local staff and actively engage with the local village, where the majority of staff live. Building and nurturing this relationship, along with the understanding of the critical role that Marovasa plays to the village. Self-starters and initiative takers, they should be healthy, active, patient and even-tempered with an eagerness to provide guests with an unparalleled, unique and personalized experience. Marovasa sleeps up to just 24, and while the hotel is small, the role is demanding and very hands-on, nearly 24/7. Coordinating all guest reservations as well as transportation or local transit accommodation when required (i. e. charter flights)* Maintain timely guest communication from inquiry to post-departure* Computer literate Marketing/Outreach to local and international tour operators, travel agents, etc. * Monitoring and posting to Marovasa social media channels Operations and maintenance of the entire property, beachfront, buildings, staff quarters, grounds, etc. First one up, last one to bed, and ready to adopt pieces of each department's responsibilities on a daily basis to do whatever it takes for the guests to enjoy their time while keeping things running smoothly. Crafting itineraries on the go in response to weather conditions, guest interest/fitness levels; Acting as a guide for all excursions Manage all purchasing and inventory tracking* Staff training and management Location management - remote location and lack of infrastructure require particular attention: ­ Medical preparedness/First Aid ­ Evacuation planning ­ Fire protection and prevention ­ Off-road driving ­ Develop local relationships ­ Limit unnecessary risks by staff and guests

Based on experience +-$60000 per year

Madagascar, SADC

Required Qualifications

A minimum of 8-10 years' previous experience in operational management is essential for both candidates. Hospitality management qualifications. Proven management experience at a high-end, beachfront, remote property is vital. Proven record in overseeing all budgetary aspects and ensuring that the budget is not exceeded at any time. Reporting: The co-managers' report directly to the General Manager who is based in Antananarivo with a dotted line to the Director, based in the US and of course the partners. ­ ​Daily cash reports ­ ​Purchase reports ­ ​Weekly activity summary ­ ​Weekly reports to GM and Director ­ ​Monthly reports to Partners Proven troubleshooting and problem-solving ability. Demonstrated skills in staff management, training and education and the ability to maximize staff performance through coaching. Flexibility and ability to work long hours. Languages: Mandatory fluency in English and French; Malagasy or willingness to learn is advantageous, but not mandatory.

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