THE island of Réunion offers holiday-makers a number of adventure activities to choose from. Activities are available on land, on the rivers, on the ocean and even in the air.

 Water sports

“For the white-water activities, the east coast is very popular. It is undoubtedly the island’s wettest region, where rain feeds the rivers which are ideal for white-water rafting. La Rivière des Marsouins, for example, is 30km long. It starts not far from Cilaos and ends in Saint-Benoît,” says Chloë Francomme, promotion assistant of Réunion Island Tourism Board.

Near Trou d’Eau on the west coast, transparent kayak trip are on offer. Made entirely from Plexiglas, the boats are the perfect way to view the underwater landscape and aquatic life just under the surface.

Paragliding and parachuting

“The island is classified as an exceptional site for paragliding and parachuting, with ideal weather and flying conditions. Experts regularly stop here, particularly for the paragliding World Cup Series fixtures. The competition allows them to enjoy the rich diversity of landscapes as well as the joys of flying between land and sea,” says Chloë.

For thrill seekers, Les Colimaçons, 800m above sea level in Saint-Leu, is recognised as one of the best spots in the world for paragliding.

And if 800 metres is not high enough, the south coast of the island offers parachute jumps from helicopters at a staggering 3 000 metres. Réunion is best seen from the sky, with panoramic views of the south coast and Piton des Neiges, Grand Bénare and the Indian Ocean.


With Envergure Réunion visitors can go down the canyons or discover amazing underground landscapes in lava tunnels. Descending Trou Blanc canyon is a sequence of walking, sliding, swimming and jumping into pools of clear water for those who are bold enough.

Trou Blanc is renowned in Hell-Bourg as the island’s canyoning jewel. Located in the Salazie Cirque, with its numerous waterfalls, this canyon is famous for its slides.

Canyoning, supervised by experienced professionals, is suitable for anyone in good physical shape, who can swim and does not suffer from vertigo.