Africa is alive with possibilities – and tourism is a major potential revenue stream that could help grow the continental economy significantly.

The African Tourism Investment Summit, in partnership with African Business Group, is a dedicated Summit for Tourism investors and associated investment opportunities.

The Summit is brought to you by WTM Africa, and will provide attendees with an opportunity to meet with a number of local and international investors searching for investment opportunities in the travel and tourism sector across various countries in Africa.

Taking place over two-days, the African Tourism Investment Summit will host keynote speakers from around the globe who will contribute their learnings, expertise, and unpack various investment opportunities Africa has to offer, not just in the travel and tourism sector, but also in lateral sectors that contribute to the industry.

WTM Africa 2019 offers an abundance of opportunities to help grow your business, your base, your knowledge and your skills. Registration for the African Tourism Investment Summit costs R2 500 per person (€153) including VAT and will also give you access to WTM Africa 2019, free of charge.  Register now to be part of the continent’s pivotal B2B Travel Trade Show.