The Wild Horizons Lookout Café is expected to open mid-year after fire damage over the festive season forced its closure.

Wilma Griffith, Sales and Marketing at Wild Horizons, says the operator is using the unexpected destruction of the café as an opportunity for enhancement. “In order to make the café more environmentally friendly, all wooden decks will be replaced with composite decking. The thatch will be replaced with a chromadek roof,” she says. (Chromadek is zinc coated steel substrate.)

“The new, African contemporary-styled Lookout Café will be designed to emphasise our panoramic view of the Victoria Falls Bridge and Batoka gorge,” she says.

“While we have not confirmed an official reopening date, we are accepting provisional bookings from July onwards.”

The Lookout Café is perched on the rim of the Batoka gorge, overlooking the Zambezi River.