Cape Town is combating the water scarcity through innovation in water production, in the form of a newly launched concept: water harvested directly from the air.

Infinity Air Water is a new bottled water company that launched in July, which sources water from the humidity in the moist Stellenbosch air. “The availability of clean drinking water is becoming more and more scarce, not only in our country but also worldwide,” says Jacques Lubbe, Director of Infinity. “Yet we only need to consciously turn our gaze to the vast and infinite sky to witness the untapped potential of the humidity all around us. We choose to be part of the solution by using innovative technology to bring clean drinking water, effectively from thin air.”

The brainchild of South African-born Lubbe, and Chilean business partner, Viviana Alarcon, Infinity aims to play its part in preserving ground and municipal water resources for the use of the City of Cape Town, through offering an alternative water source that is clean and pH-balanced. The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) contained in the water are below 20mg/l, which means that only the required minerals are present. And with a pH of 8, this alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant, helping to boost the immune system and balance the pH in the body.

“Our clients from the hospitality industry can rely on our product,” says Lubbe. “Infinity Air Water is harvested directly from the air and never makes contact with the ground, keeping it free from elements that may alter its taste, resulting in a perfectly pure water. Additionally, multiple safeguards used in the bottled water industry are taken to ensure the quality of the water, including nine stages of filtration and the use of UV light before being bottled.”

Infinity Air Water also has a Sustainability Model in place, addressing the concerns of availability of clean drinking water and plastic pollution. Using only glass in its bottling, Infinity encourages its clients to return bottles and only pay for refills. This contributes to a reduction of at least two million plastic bottles annually.

Still and sparkling Infinity Air Water are available, and it is currently being distributed to hotels, restaurants, wine farms and corporates in Cape Town.