Fly Airlink to St Helena

In the heart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, St Helena island is one of the planet's most extraordinary places to visit. With a spectacular natural landscape, an abundance of endemic wildlife and vegetation, and a rich history, heritage and culture, it's the perfect destination for travellers who are looking for something out of the ordinary. This island of 122 square kilometres of sub-tropical paradise will make you feel that you've escaped to another world for a while.

Spend your days delighting in St Helena's world-renowned birdlife; you may even spot the Wirebird, which can only be seen in the wild on the island. St Helena is also home to a remarkable range of flora and fauna, including Jonathan, the world's oldest tortoise, who was believed to have hatched in 1832, just a decade after Napoleon died on St Helena. If you're fascinated by history, you can visit Longwood House, where Napoleon spent the final days of his lengthy exile on the island, or visit his tomb in the Sane Valley. Napoleon wasn't the island's only prisoner: Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo and over 6 000 Boer soldiers were also exiled to St Helena, adding to the island's rich history. The prisoner-of-war camp at Deadwood Plain, the Boer cemetery at Knollcombes, Ladder Hill Fort and Battery and High Knoll Fort are not to be missed.

After soaking up the vibrant local culture and learning about the rich history, marvel at the diverse marine life by snorkelling or scuba diving, swimming with whale sharks, or watching humpback whales, bottlenose and rough-toothed dolphins, hawksbill and green turtles, and devil rays from a yacht.

St Helena's secrets are waiting to be uncovered. With weekly flights from Johannesburg, operating on Saturdays, with additional flights during December and January, this mystical island is more accessible than ever. Fly Airlink to St Helena for memories you won't make anywhere else in the world.

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