Nationals from key source markets for Mozambique, such as the US, UK, Brazil and China, travelling for holiday purposes, do not require visas prior to travel. Visas can be issued on arrival, confirms the Mozambique Consulate in Johannesburg.

However, the Consulate-General in Johannesburg advises that to avoid any delays and confusion that may arise from language issues at border posts, international travellers should apply for a visa beforehand.

This is reiterated in the foreign travel advisory for Mozambique by the UK government, stating that visas on arrival at the Mozambican borders should be considered an exception, intended for visitors originating in countries where there is no Mozambican diplomatic mission or visa issuing authority. 

Those travelling with minors do not require Unabridged Birth Certificates for their youngsters, says Jaendré Terblanche, owner of Visas Zone. But, as much travel from abroad is routed via OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, it is important to note that South African entry regulations regarding children under 18 do require an Unabridged Birth Certificate. The Mozambique Consulate emphasises this too.

Samantha Holdsworth, Senior Tour Consultant at Giltedge Africa, says applying for a visa ahead of time when travelling with minors is essential, in order to avoid any possible complications.

When travelling with a minor to South Africa, parents are required to present an Unabridged Birth Certificate or an equivalent document in the case of countries that do not issue UBCs. This document must contain the particulars of the child and his/her parents, issued by the relevant authority of that country.

For more information when travelling with minors to South Africa, click here.

Visa check-list

Visitors travelling to Mozambique will need the following for visa application:

  • Two colour passport-size photos.
  • Passport must be valid for six months and must contain at least three unstamped visa pages.
  • A document to confirm the applicant’s address during his/her time in Mozambique. This can be obtained directly from the hotel or guesthouse confirmed the Mozambique Consulate-General in Johannesburg.  
  • Applicants must have a return ticket and proof of adequate funds for the duration of stay.
  • A completed visa application form.
  • Proof of residency (permanent residence).

The cost of a tourist visa is R1 000 (€68), with time of delivery ranges from 24 to 72 hours, but in some cases same-day delivery can be arranged, advises the Mozambique Consulate in Johannesburg.

Single entry visas permit travellers to enter the country for up to one month, and are renewable to a maximum of 90 days, provided the application for extension is made before the visa expires.

Multiple-entry visas permit travellers to enter the country for 90 days for a tourism purposes and up to 180 days for business.

Cruise visa requirements

Following confusion last year about visas for cruise passengers holding non-Southern African Development Community (SADC) passports, MSC Cruises advised that, through negotiations, the Head of Immigration and Maputo Tourism Authority, confirmed the following:

  • MSC Cruises passengers are no longer required to obtain visa prior to embarkation.
  • MSC Cruises’ Immigration Purser will assist non-South African passport holders who require a Mozambican visa.
  • Mozambique Immigration Officer will issue a manual visa on board.

It must be noted that this is a non-biometric visa and it is only valid for daily disembarkation at Mozambique ports of call for the day. Furthermore, the visa will not be valid for pre- or post-cruise travel in Mozambique. The cost of the visa is $50, payable on board and valid for two entries.