Whilst Lalibela Game Reserve’s rates for 2019 have not yet been set, there are a variety of factors that would make keeping rates steady for 2019 a sensible thing to do.


Open Air Dining at Lentaba Lodge. 

Said Vernon Wait from Lalibela’s marketing office: “Running a capital-intensive project like Lalibela, especially after so much development spend, means we have a very high monthly break-even point. We’ve been fortunate to have received phenomenal support from the travel trade during 2017 and forward bookings indicate that this support will continue to grow. Once a project like Lalibela passes its monthly break-even point, then the variable cost of hosting a guest is actually surprisingly reasonable. All these things considered, including Rand strength, means that we will attempt to keep 2019 rates steady.


Lentaba Luxury Room at Lalibela.

With Mark’s Camp undergoing not only a major refurbishment, but also an upgrade in terms of its facilities, we might well align Mark’s Camp rates with those of a Classic room at Lentaba Lodge. The intention is that this would be the only upward movement. For example, even though Mills Manor already offers incredible value at current rates, we would be looking to see if we can hold back on a rate increase until 2020.”