The River Club, a luxury lodge in Livingstone, Zambia, offers a range of experiences that cater specifically for the Jewish market. Owner, Peter Jones, also enjoys sharing his knowledge of Livingstone’s history, particularly the region’s Jewish heritage.

The newly built Kosher Lite Kitchen offers a variety of menus. It has been set up to follow the laws of kashrut and guests are invited to view the set-up, or to visit during meal preparation times, should they wish to do so.

A full Kosher Kitchen is also available. Under the supervision of the Johannesburg Beth Din, it requires a qualified Mashgiach to be present for the preparation of all meals. Since Livingstone does not have a resident Jewish community, a Mashgiach and Kosher chef (should circumstances require it) will be flown in from Johannesburg. This service is offered to groups of four or more, while smaller groups are welcome to cover the costs.

The River Club also runs a tour starting at the main Museum under the Pioneer clock. Thereafter guests are taken on a tour of the town that includes looking at various shops and houses of Jewish interest. The tour takes just over an hour. For those wishing to visit the Jewish Museum as well, an additional 45 minutes is recommended.

Should guests be staying at the River Club over Shabbat the following activities are offered: talks on Livingstone’s Jewish History by Jones, community projects, and birding.