Tshwane Tourism Association has partnered with The Kevin Richardson Foundation to support feeding schemes by the Southern Lodestar Foundation (SLF), which feeds over a million children a week in South Africa.

SLF is a registered non-profit organisation based in KwaZulu Natal. The #DoWhatYouCan campaign aims to raise fund to produce, sanitise and deliver a meal to a child for R1.30 (€0.06).

All donations will go toward food as there are no operational costs involved. The nutritional porridge is locally sourced, farmed and produced and SLF monitors and evaluates every child helped by this initiative.

To extend distribution as the campaign grows, supermarket group Spar’s national distribution network will help with food being distributed to those most in need, with COVID-19 precautions in place.

To support the #DoWhatYouCan campaign, email info@kevinrichardsonfoundation.org.