This week’s comment relates to the article about tourism still being considered a high-risk economic sector when level 3 of South Africa’s lockdown starts on June 1.

Owner of Tours du Cap, Francoise Armour, said the following:

“There is no way we can prevent the virus. It is here and will continue to infect many people. The whole point of lockdown is to prepare the health system and for people to get used to a new way of living in safety. The goal is to try to avoid it if one is elderly or high risk, because those are the people who can die from it, or survive but with very long-lasting effects.

The government has made mistakes, but in general the overall reaction has been very good. The tourism industry is closed for now but we must show the world that we’re dealing with [COVID-19] properly (which we are) and that when tourists do come we are ready with safety protocols.”

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