The 2019/2020 rainy season has seen the waters of the Zambezi River rise significantly, according to news from The River Club, a luxury lodge in Livingstone, Zambia.

Following unusually low rainfall during Zambia’s 2018/2019 wet season, sensational headlines reported that the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls were drying up.

“Mother Nature has definitely struck back and the 2019/2020 wet season has made up for the previous season with good rainfall and another exciting flood in progress right now,” said a spokesperson from The River Club.

The river is flowing with renewed force and just few kilometres upstream of the lodge, the flow is steadily increasing as floodwater continues to arrive from further up-river. “On March 26 the volume was 3 754cubic metres/sec. Last year on the same date the flow was only 848cubic metres/sec,” reads the statement from the lodge. These statistics are available from the Zambezi River Authority.

“We are delighted here at The River Club to see these amazing high water levels and when comparing to previous years we cannot believe just how high these levels are!”

The below image of the Victoria Falls was taken by co-owner of the lodge, Peter Jones, on Tuesday morning.