The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (Fedhasa) is calling properties that are interested to participate in a Self-Isolation Centre (SIC) initiative.

“The President quite clearly said that, from March 9, all international travellers from high-risk countries must be confined to their hotels and do their 14 days of quarantine,” said Cape Chairperson of Fedhasa, Jeff Rosenberg.

The association is calling on accommodation establishments to volunteer their services in any capacity they can to assist with quarantine efforts across the country.

According to a newsletter from SATSA, guidelines from Fedhasa regarding establishments looking to volunteer include requests to specify the address of the hotel, total number of rooms available and contact person for each establishment.

“Not just in the Western Cape, but nationally, there are various hotels that have put themselves forward to assist,” said Rosenberg, adding that the facilities would not only be for quarantined guests but also accommodation for those providing essential services throughout the lockdown.

The message from Fedhasa distributed by SATSA also included a warning that hoteliers who have volunteered may have to expect government involvement in their operations should a second phase of the operation be initiated.

While the programme has not yet been initiated, Fedhasa has been pro-active regarding the groundwork. “What we’re doing is acting as a conduit for national offices and the Department of Health to draw up a list of probable properties that are willing to assist with the process,” said Rosenberg.