Tourism stakeholders in Kenya have requested government decision-makers to be selective about who they allow to enter the country rather than placing blanket bans on international travel.

The request was contained in a memorandum sent to the Kenyan government and shared with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife today (March 11) at a meeting with Nairobi hoteliers, tour operators, travel agents, and airline representatives.

The meeting was held to discuss a way to deal with the many travel advisories that have been issued amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

The Kenya Tourism Federation has established a draft Industry Cancellation Guideline that takes into account that clients, unsure of whether they will lose their money, will not make forward bookings.

“KTF’s objective was to help the industry create a guideline policy to help those without one and help us deliver a fair win-win position,” said Chairman of the KTF, Mohammed Hersi, in the memorandum.

KTF is a body of the private tourism sector in Kenya representing seven key tourism trade associations, including the Kenya Association for Tour Operators.