Regular business travellers know how much time can be spent simply getting to and from destinations. Add this to the amount of time spent out the office and productivity levels are usually negatively impacted.

With some forward planning and smart thinking, business travellers can make the most of their next trip abroad with these three tips for maximising productivity during a long-haul trip.


  1. Book for convenience

Paying a little more for convenience on a work trip can be a valuable time saver. For air travel, it’s worth looking into routes that will get business travellers to their destination most quickly.

With Air Mauritius, travellers can expect a direct flight of four hours to Mauritius from Johannesburg. If travelling to Singapore for business from Mauritius, travellers can expect a seven-hour 10-minute direct flight, and a six-hour 30-minute direct flight to Perth.


  1. Keep healthy

Immune systems are likely to take a knock due to a different time zone, germs in aircraft, lack of sleep and a hectic schedule. Getting sick is the last thing any business traveller wants.

Sticking to healthy exercise habits and enjoying healthy food are important, even on a business trip. Keeping hydrated and avoiding excessive intake of alcohol will ensure productivity levels remain high during the trip.


  1. Sort out the tech

Any business traveller needs to ensure that their tech is organised and ready to go as soon as they arrive in their destination. Travelling via Uber is a good way to be able to work on the move and business travellers need to ensure they have working Internet dongles and enough mobile data. The right travel adapters for laptops, phones and tablets are essential for business travel.  

Being productive is dependent on being refreshed and well rested, so all business travellers should ensure they have some downtime during their work trip. Those travelling for work should pace themselves by exploring the destination they’re in and not end up returning from their business trip feeling that a holiday is needed.