Tourvest Destination Management (TDM) has enrolled three new student guides at the Guide Academy, following the news of the graduation of its previous student guides.

The next phase of the learnership programme at TDM is a step toward making a sustainable impact on the community. “The academy represents hope and offers opportunity to people who have the talent, the attitude and the will to strive for greatness and wanting to share their stories at a time in our country where successes need to be celebrated and hope inspires,” says Guide Academy Manager at TDM, Alisha Kirk.

According to Kirk, the first stage of training for the three new recruits will be intensive. “The first quarter of the year is spent understanding the roles and responsibilities of being a Tour Guide followed by long sessions focusing on our history and the culture of South Africa.”

Students are taught in the classroom at the TDM offices in Sandton and interact with the business from the start of the process, explains Kirk.

To each of the three new students, Ronald, Tristan and Chezlin, the opportunity means something different. “For me this is the start of looking forward,” says Ronald, while Tristan says, “This opportunity is my gateway to a dream career.”

“I hope to become a brand ambassador for our country; to share the pride that I have in my country,” says Chezlin.

“This academy will continue this initiative for as long as time dictates,” says Kirk speaking about the continuity of the programme.  “The industry is always in need of foreign-language-speaking tour guides. As the current guides develop and grow to become consultants, the need to develop the next generation is always there.”