As Zimbabwe celebrates 40 years of independence this year (April 18, 1980), the #OneZimbabwe campaign is gaining traction in the tourism industry as a means of sharing positive stories about the country and drive international tourism demand.

The initiative is a pro-active ‘share-your-voice’ campaign that absorbs and loud hails positive stories about the country. Various digital and tangible platforms are used as a podium for collaborative efforts by like-minded tourism and non-profit organisations, and where positive awareness is generated about new developments and upliftment projects in Zimbabwe. is one of these platforms.

#OneZimbabwe is a proactive as opposed to reactive approach to story-telling. It is the foundation from which individual needs are transcended, and serves the overall advancement of the country.

African Bush Camps – one of many travel sector drivers behind the campaign – is confident the industry can get involved by sharing statistics and illustrating how the tourism industry can help create jobs, conserve wildlife, and support early learning development in Zimbabwe’s rural communities.

“It’s not just about the travel industry, it’s about getting everyone involved to share good news about Zimbabwe,” says African Bush Camps CEO, Beks Ndlovu. “While it is still a growing campaign, travel operators are gradually embracing the campaign, and actively sharing stories about what makes Zimbabwe and all her regions, cultures and wildlife special.”

Zimbabwe-based tourism suppliers are encouraged to find success stories and share them on all their social media platforms.

Other ways the tourism industry can get involved is to document conservation efforts, sports successes, innovation and progress in Zimbabwe and help educate the world about these achievements and illustrate how Zimbabwe, despite all the adversities, is still open for business.

Join the campaign and keep the conversation going by attending the #OneZimbabwe networking event at ITB in Berlin next month. Various travel entrepreneurs will take to the stand to share their viewpoints on Zimbabwe’s growth, and brainstorm new ways of engagement among like-minded organisations who want to play an integral part in sharing Zimbabwe’s success stories with the world.

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