The SA Express board of directors is seeking further legal advice in relation to the business rescue judgement received against the company yesterday (Thursday).

“The SA Express board says that there are disputes with the supplier and that it has been dealing with the malfeasance in an orderly process,” said Mpho Majatladi, Spokeserson for SA Express.

A legal review of the judgement by lawyers appointed by SAX indicates that the court exceeded what was required and granted orders not sought by the applicant. “The court has also not made any order on whether the matter was urgent or not, in circumstances when the urgency was specifically opposed,” she added.

According to Majatladi, it is a “known fact” that SA Express has been plagued by suppliers who are currently under internal review for serious abuse of the procurement system, unfair pricing and overcharging.

Tens of invoices, allowed by previous SA Express management, were found to have discrepancies and it is on this, among a number of other issues, that the airline will appeal.