This week’s comment refers to the column, ‘Tourism industry needs to keep the lights on’, from reader Alan Roxton Wiggill. It highlights that all those involved in the tourism industry need to re-look at customer service levels to grow tourism to reach President Cyril Ramaphosa’s goal of reaching 21 million tourists by 2030.

Roxton Wiggill writes:  “I have travelled a lot of the world and live in South Africa. I find our welcoming and incredible friendliness one of the biggest assets we have for tourists. I am in tourism, so I ask our guests and they feel the same.

“What part of the customer service chain is not good for travellers to or in SA? Where can we get stats talked about on customer service rating in SA? Are there particular areas where we fail? It would be good to get better information sources so that as travel ‘hosts’ we can improve ourselves.”

Roxton Wiggill is the director of Dinokeng JunXion and owner of Big Sky Ballooning.

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