Work to repair infrastructure – such as roads and bridges – will start immediately in Kenya’s Narok County in the Great Rift Valley, according to the Kenya Tourism Foundation.

This follows flooding in the Maasai Mara area after heavy rain last week and over the weekend saw the Talek River break its banks.

According to media reports from Kenya, about 10 low-lying camps and lodges were under water, and safari vehicles were stranded.

Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), Mohammed Hersi, told Tourism Update that an inspection of the Maasai Mara National Park had been concluded and trouble spots identified so that work on repairing infrastructure could be prioritised.

This includes repair of the Talek Bridge to ensure the route is passable by the end of the week. “The maintenance team will strive to ensure that all the roads can be utilised by motor and safari vehicles throughout the rainy season,” said Hersi.

He said three tractors had been deployed to Narok County to assist tourism vehicles that may have become stuck during the floods.

Hersi pointed out that the KTF Safety Centre would continuously monitor weather conditions and provide updated reports. “Industry stakeholders are therefore urged to check with the Safety Centre on the current situation when planning their itineraries to the Mara,” he said.

Tourism Update contacted several lodges and camps in the area but was unable to establish the extent of the damage to private lodges. Although a lodge manager did say, off the record, that the higher-lying lodges and hotels were unaffected.

It is unclear how many tourists had to be evacuated but reports are that all are safe.