Luxury bush camp, Sayari, in the northern Serengeti, is being upgraded with the addition of the first solar-powered microbrewery in the bush, and will be closed for renovation from January 21 until June.

The camp’s parent company, Asilia, has been carbon neutral since 2009 and continues to develop practical ways to further reduce its eco footprint. Its latest projects is the microbrewery, in partnership with Scandinavian start-up, Wayout.

The brewery will make beer and soft drinks, as well as purifying water and producing sparkling water, all using solar power. This removes the need for plastic bottles and cans in the camp. The brewery will also create four unique beers for Asilia.

According to Wayout’s website, the units for the microbrewery measure 6m x 2.5 m, weigh approximately 6,5 tonnes and require only water and electricity, the latter of which in Sayari’s case comes from solar panels.

The camp will also introduce a new safari shop that will offer a curated selection of ethically sourced Tanzanian products. General upgrades to the appearance of the camp will also be made.

Sayari will reopen in June, in time for the annual wildebeest crossings of the Mara River