SA low-cost airline,, has committed to improving its customer service following numerous delays to its peak season flights in December and early January.

“Customer satisfaction remains one of our top priorities and we have numerous procedures and initiatives in place to minimise delays and to ensure that customers arrive at their destinations safely,” said a kulula spokesperson, highlighting to Tourism Update  that 215 flights out of a total of 2 195 flights were delayed by more than an hour – for the period December 1 to January 5.

These delays often had a knock-on effect, commented the spokesperson, resulting in rotational delays, where an aircraft is scheduled to operate several flights on a specific day across the network.

“A delay on one of the sectors will impact the next flights. When this happens, we work non-stop to minimise the delay’s knock-on effect by reducing the turnaround time of the aircraft on the ground. The airports continuously communicate with one another to ensure this is expedited,” he explained.

Initiatives to increase safety and improve on-time performance include the airline’s technical teams working closely with its maintenance providers, as well as third-party providers to address any challenges.

“Regrettably, as is the case with all airlines globally, there are times when we experience long delays, however the focus remains on trying to ensure minimal disruption to customers, whilst maintaining safety,” said the spokesperson.