While Eskom remains uncertain about the foreseeable future of load shedding, South Africans can be certain of one thing: it will be received with our fantastic sense of humour.

Comedian and East Coast Radio Host, Rory Petzer, posted a list of possible excuses to expect from the power utility this year to his Facebook page.

Petzer’s list read as follows;

“1. ...”to accommodate the leap year.”

2. “A car broke down at the entrance to one of our key power stations, blocking the entry of trucks carrying vital coal. We’re hoping to have the car up and running by late next week.”

3. “The conflict in the Middle East.”

4. “Not enough rain.”

5. “Too much rain.”

6. “Wi-Fi outage at a major petrol station forcing trucks to take alternative routes.”

7. “The air-conditioning inside Woolworths Food is draining the grid.”

The comedian invited his followers to add their own, and Tourism Update have come up with a few favourites including:

“Trying to create a romantic atmosphere”, “Hiding the country from remote operated drones… at night” and “Encouraging South Africans to braai more.”