AFTER 18 years of publication, today will be the last edition of Tourism Update’s sister publication, Travel & Meetings Buyer (TAM)

Although in the last 30 days some 7 200 users have used the daily online service aimed at buyers of corporate travel and meeting services, the advertising lifeblood that sustains healthy media has diminished as the corporate sector has come under economic pressure.

A few years back, TAM followed the lead the of thriving Tourism Update, transitioning from print to various iterations of digital media and finally ending up as a specialist daily news website. But unlike Tourism Update, which has attracted over a hundred suppliers advertising on a regular basis, the corporate travel sector does not have the same traction.

For the time being, that is. Clearly the sector is important. While under the present circumstances it may not be viable to publish a daily newsletter, that must change when the economy starts running as it should.

Thank you to the journalists and columnists who have contributed over the years, the clients who have supported us and, of course, to you the reader, without whom we would not have been around for 18 years.

Anton Marsh
Managing Director
Now Media