The Kigali International Peace Marathon (KIPM) will enter its 16th year in 2020, in collaboration with a co-founder and several members of the team who created and organised the Rock n Roll International Marathon Series, a worldwide marathon series and Center for Global Sports, an association of sports management professionals.

Plans are in place to elevate KIPM to a major sports event that has great potential for international runners.

Rwanda’s proximity to Ethiopia and Kenya already helps the marathon draw world-class athletes, but the country has other attributes that appeal to runners from around the world.

Rwanda’s national parks are home to some of Africa’s unique and magnificent wildlife, notably the famous mountain gorillas, as well as over 700 species of birds. Visitors can hike the Congo Nile Trail, kayak on Lake Kivu, view the Big 5 in Akagera National Park, or cycle on Rwanda’s well-maintained roads. 

The increasing number of international-level sports venues and a focus on hosting athletic events make Rwanda optimistic that the Kigali International Peace Marathon will become a major destination marathon and foundational to Rwanda’s burgeoning sports tourism industry.

The KIPM will hit the streets of Kigali on May 24, 2020.

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