The Government of Malawi is set to introduce an online visa application process.

Effective November 1, the e-visa portal will allow travellers to fill and submit an application, upload required documents including photos and pay for visa fees.

The e-visa applications will be processed within three working days. Once approved, the e-visa approval letter will be accessible through the applicant’s e-visa account. An access link will also be provided through an instant email notification sent to the applicant’s email address. The e-visa applications must be paid in US$.

e-visa prices

  • Transit visa: US$50 (R730.38)
  • Single-entry: US$75 (R1095.57) (90 days)
  • Multiple-entry for six months: US$150 (R2191.14)
  • Multiple-entry for 12 months: US$250 (R3651.90)