Overseas tourist numbers to South Africa are almost identical to last year’s August numbers, according to the August 2019 Tourism and Migrations Statistics report published by Statistics SA.

August saw a drop in travellers from Europe and Australasia, while North America, the Middle East and Central and South America saw an increase. Asia has remained flat.

Year-to-date comparisons (Jan to Aug cumulative tourist numbers) mirror the Europe and Australasia August fall-off with a decrease of 34 427 (3.4%), and 3 217 (3.8%) in traveller numbers respectively.

The Middle East market has had the best year-to-date performance so far with a growth of 1 856 travellers or 5.4% growth.

Asia has grown by 1% or 2 100 travellers year-to-date, while North America as well as South and Central America remain flat.

Overseas tourist numbers have dropped overall year-to-date by 34 093 tourists or 2%.

Below is an interactive graphic analysis of August 2019 statistics.

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