Tourism Update’s Pic of the Week goes to Tony Sparkes, a Wildlife Photographer, taken in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Description: Having spent a week in South Africa's Kruger National Park last week the first thing you would notice is how dry the bush is. Months and months without any substantial and continued rain fall has taken its toll.

While we sat at a waterhole early one morning, we spotted in the far-off distance what we thought were clouds of dust caused by vehicles on the dry dirt roads of the Kruger. Some 30 minutes later we again saw and now heard what we thought were a few vehicles hurtling towards us on the dirt road, also with significant dust clouds behind them.

Within minutes we were surrounded by a 1000+ Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) not quite stampeding but running towards the waterhole at speed. A wide-angle lens was not wide enough to capture the enormity of the herd. Within 10 minutes the pumped waterhole was dry and being slowly replenished as thirsty buffalo pushed and shoved their way to the clean water as it entered the waterhole. I hope the attached gives you some idea of how packed together they were.

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Criteria for Pic of the Week submissions are as follows:

Photos must have been taken in Southern or East Africa

Photo must be taken in the last month

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