The Kruger to Cape Mobile App system, which is endorsed by South African Tourism, has been launched in South Africa.

It is more than just a mobile application, says Gerhard Brummer, the Manager and Map Developer. It is a total tourism safety and secure travel system that provides national, and especially the international, travellers with:

  • All the tourism route maps across South Africa [free] on the Kruger to Cape Mobile Application
  • Daily Road Safety Reports across South Africa – before 07h00 in the morning
  • Free telephonic Legal Assistance 24 /7/365
  • Up-to-date schedule of events happening across the country
  • Push notifications on a daily basis with news travellers within South Africa should be aware off
  • Discounts at more than 500 facilities across South Africa for the Kruger to Cape Card Holder
  • Travel services directly on the application
  • All the medical emergency services at hand.


The new platform gives users access to curated maps of South Africa’s scenic tourism areas. The app is also an all-round travel booking service where users can request transfers directly from the platform.

The Mobile App supports the Kruger to Cape Card system which is valid for 365 days for up to four people travelling together. To access the full functionality of the application will cost the traveller $15.

Brummer says: “What we have done is develop all the tourism route maps across South Africa and upgraded our intelligence division to cover all the road safety conditions across the country.”

He says government should look at providing this system as a compulsory product to any tourist travelling in South Africa.

The Kruger to Cape Mobile App system can be downloaded at Google Play or the App Store.