Air Chefs, the catering subsidiary of SAA, has successfully interdicted industrial action by labour union, Numsa (The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa).

The company approached the Labour Court bringing an application to stop industrial action, which was granted on the afternoon of Monday, October 7, meaning that any industrial action embarked upon by members of Numsa at Air Chefs would be unprotected.

Air Chefs has also made contingency plans to ensure minimal impact on all operations should any industrial action take place. It says that there were no operational disruptions on Monday afternoon.

Numsa says it will not strike ‘for now’ as any industrial action will not be protected. It adds that it will return to court on November 27 to reverse the interdict order to allow its members to embark on a future strike.

According to Air Chefs, the notice to strike emanates from Numsa’s claims of ‘unilateral changes to their terms and conditions of employment’, in that an anniversary bonus payment arrangement has been amended by Air Chefs. The catering company denies this and says any disputes that Numsa has on the matter must be adjudicated at the Catering and Allied Bargaining Council Collective.