The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has informed the general public that tourism services continue to operate normally in Volcanoes National Park and all other national parks in Rwanda following security incidents where unidentified gunmen attacked local communities in the nearby Kinigi Sector, in the Northern Province.

Tourism officials have said that all visitors to the area were safe and that security organs have contained the situation with order being restored. All visitors to Volcanoes National Park were and continue to be safe, says the statement.

Rwanda’s Defense and Military Spokesperson said “tourists and hotels were not the target. We have always maintained presence in the area but in order to increase security, the following additional measures are now in place:

  • We have increased confidence patrols while maintaining a robust posture (without compromising the hotels requirements);
  • We have enhanced/extended our visibility over the area using high technology;
  • We have appointed Liaison Officers /Focal Points at every hotel for any security related questions;
  • We will continue to work closely with FARDC (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in their operations to neutralize these armed groups from their bases in DRC.

RDB further reiterates in their statement that hundreds of thousands of guests have visited Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park over the past 20 years without incident.

“Safety and security are the hallmark of the Rwandan tourism experience, and will continue to be our highest priority,” the statement says.