Wild Horizons has launched a new 32-seat double-decker boat, the Malachite, for sunset cruises on the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Wild Horizons Spokesperson, Barbra Murasiranwa, commented: “It’s a twin-hull fibreglass boat, 18m in length and 6.3m wide, with comfortable seating upstairs. After sunset clients are escorted downstairs for a four-course fine dining experience,” Murasiranwa said.

Guests can experience some of Zimbabwe’s birdlife and wildlife along the river and through some of its channels. Animals that can easily be spotted drinking or swimming in the Zambezi include elephants, giraffe, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and waterbucks.

Wild Horizons also offers accommodation, tours and transfer services, white-water rafting, game drives and other services.