Satsa is calling on members of the South African tourism industry to assist it in responding to harmful coverage of the country due to safety and security concerns.

One of the strategies Satsa has identified is for industry players to be proactive on Facebook groups and other online forums, where potential travellers are asking questions about travel to South Africa.

A Satsa communication sent to members says: “In the absence of an official response, the communities on those groups are responding – sometimes not with the right messaging. It’s time for us to take back control and respond as an industry. Do your #10mins4tourism by choosing from one of the forums or Facebook groups we have found where travellers are asking questions about South Africa.”

Members are invited to volunteer to be caretakers for one of the selected groups or forums daily, and to respond responsibly to any questions that arise. Members can also update the list of online forums, even if they are in other languages, or to assist with graphic designers, and SEO specialists who can design or write some of the industry communications.

The communication also has tips on how members can respond to complicated questions. These are:

  • Be the first source for information
  • Express empathy early
  • Show competence and expertise
  • Remain honest and open

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