Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) has warned Kenyans and foreigners booking holidays to be vigilant and use only accredited agents.

KATA Chief Executive, Nicanor Sabula, said the high season was drawing close, the time when scammers posing as travel agents took advantage of unsuspecting travellers.

His comments followed reports of con artists swindling hundreds of tourists from various parts of the world. He said on several occasions KATA had received similar reports from travellers who had fallen prey to fake agents.

“Unfortunately, our hands are tied as most of these agencies that run con games are not registered and we have no avenue for seeking redress for the travellers. Such cases should be reported to the police,” he said.

He urged people seeking to book vacations to do so through an accredited travel agent, as they adhered to a strict code of conduct.

KATA said Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala, had put on notice unlicensed operators defrauding tourists. Balala said his ministry was investigating cases where tourists had lost money after being lured for a holiday in Kenya.